Rustic Signs

One sign style people love is the rustic signs look and Branson cedar signs offer true rustic signs carved out of red cedar from a local cedar mill here in the area.

Our rustic cedar signs offer the scalloped rustic edge look that is the trademark of the rustic sign style. Add your information and we will make you a custom Personalized wood sign for your cabin, lake house, boat house, country house RV or any use you want.

All our signs are handcrafted and made to order. 

How we make our Rustic signs

Each rustic sign is first cut down to size from a cedar slab then is sanded and planed down smooth to get it ready for the letter carving. The wood is then carved and the letters are colored in and then its back to more sanding. Next our rustic signs are submerged in a special wood sealer that protects your sign for years of both indoor or outdoor use. After a few treatments of the sealer and it is fully dry it is then sprayed with 3 coats of a special outdoor rated gloss finish (Not a Spar Urethane ) as some sign makers use Why because Spar Urethane breaks down outside in the sun and weather and we want your sign to last for many years outdoors before it shows any signs of aging. We take extra steps to make sure your sign is water and weather sealed. 

A few rustic signs with the scalloped rustic edge look order yours today here.


rustic signs custom made