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Custom Carved Cedar Sign


Welcome to the Rogers cedar sign – with curved top and bottom text to make a great looking rustic sign – order yours today.



Horse Stall Signs

Here is a great sign design that can be used for a horse stall sign. This one is  for “Bart” the horse and is carved into a 24″ x 10″ red cedar slab with a horse head added to the design. We offer an unlimited number of graphics and images that can be included as a part of your sign design.

We can carve your sign anyway that you want!  Modern, rustic, an old-world look or whatever!  Your unique logo or other artwork can also be incorporated into your design.


Rustic Profile Personalized Carved Cedar Sign At No Extra Charge

Here are two signs that are carved into one of our rustic shapes that are available.  This shape can be used for a wide range of sign sizes.  ba-rustic-sign-cedar


Custom Carved Signs Are Available In An Unlimited Number of Shapes

Here is another cedar sign shape we offer.

This custom sign is carved from a 24″ x 12″ red cedar slab and is also available in an unlimited number of sizes.  This design works very well with an artwork item like a dove in the upper center area.